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Our Story



Layla Amya

Flavor of Amya is a natural hair care brand currently operated by me (Lauren Adams) and was created in 2019. The all natural products are handmade and tested on myself, my daughter Layla & other members of our family. We are from the south suburbs of Chicago & we are a family of five.
I had relaxed hair for 15 years, I thought my relaxed hair was healthy until 2014. I had bold spots throughout my hair, split strands half way up to the roots and it seemed like my hair just stopped growing. I finally made the decision to transition back natural in 2015. Once I started to transition, I was completely clueless on what products to use on my hair. All of my family members and friends had relaxed hair, so I really didn’t have a choice but to do trial and error. I experimented with numerous different store bought products but it seemed like each product was an epic fail. I then started to experiment with different ingredients to create my own products at home. After Layla was born in 2016, she helped me understand my hair better because we shared the same grade of hair. When Layla was 10 months old, she pulled out a lot of her hair and it was a struggle for it to grow back, which made me want to try my products on her. After Layla turned one in 2017, I became confident that my products were safe enough to use on her hair. I then created a wash day routine for her using my products and her hair started to sprout. Both of our hair became softer, easier to manage & those damaged areas were healed , I then created the business after Layla turned two. 
I wanted to incorporate my daughter’s name into the business because she was such a huge inspiration for me when creating the products. I also wanted to incorporate the organic foods, flavors & smells I used when creating them. And so….Flavor of Amya was born!


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