Created with 100% natural ingredients

About Us


Flavor of Amya is a natural hair care brand currently operated by me (Lauren Adams) and was founded in 2019. The all natural products are handmade and tested by myself and my daughter Layla Amya Sutton. We create 100% natural, safe and effective hair care products for men, women and children (2yrs+) who want natural, toxic-free products for their hair. Our products are all handmade with ingredients you can actually pronounce and best of all...WITH NO DRYING ALCOHOLS!!
I decided to go natural in 2015 but was completely clueless on what products to use on my hair. I experimented with numerous different store bought products but it seemed like each product was an epic fail. I then started to experiment with different ingredients to create my own products at home. I created the business after Layla turned two. Maintaining her hair became more of a challenge the older she got. Growing healthy hair while not irritating her sensitive scalp didn't seem possible with the store bought products being used so I started to use my homemade products on Layla. Homemade products seemed like the better way to go, especially since Layla was just a small toddler. As Layla got older, the more I realized homemade & all natural products were the best choice for our hair!